Preparing for My Semester in Florence


^^^A friend and I visited Balboa Park a couple of weeks ago before moving back home from San Diego, and we thought it was only fitting to take a photo in front of the Italian International House there.

In just a month and a few days, I’ll be boarding my first-ever international flight, en route to Florence, Italy. I’ll be there until mid-May, taking classes and eating lots of yummy pasta, and of course, soaking up every bit of Italy that I can.

Obviously, I’m super excited for this next semester-what an incredible opportunity! I must admit though that I am nervous and bracing myself for some intense homesickness and culture shock. But if I’m going to be homesick anywhere, it might as well be somewhere as beautiful as Florence!


^^^Me waiting patiently in the Italian Consulate Office, only three hours after arriving 😉

I’m in the midst of getting ready to go, and the biggest to-do was applying for my Italian Visa. I’ve heard all the jokes about Italian government (i.e. that it’s ridiculously, painfully, absurdly slow and inefficient), and my experience with the visa office confirmed all of the rumors. It was a long process and unnecessarily stressful, but we got it done, and I received my super official looking student visa in the mail the other day. If that’s how the Italian Consulate in the United States is, it’ll be very interesting to see how Italian government offices in Italy will be.

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You’ll be hearing from me again at the end of January, and when you do, I’ll be in Italia!